Social Insurance System Update


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to complete social insurance system .So. The Royal Decree has issued on 12-3-1435 AH. (No.M18) to accept / approve insurance system against unemployment called ( Sanned) that apply to all Saudi employees that obliged under the age of fifty-ninth that belong to pensions branch .According to / under the insurance system that it basically based on Saudi worker and his family care during / within the period , he is out of job or without work ,due to force conditions / circumstances that happen out of his control

The programe works to fill / support gap between the previous job and the opportunity of getting a new job by providing him with a minimum level of income for him and his family to live a good life

In addition to providing him with the necessary training and help him to find another job

So. We inform you that from the beginning of September 2014 , we will be settled 1% from the employees salary and the company in turn also pay 1% of the social security system

                             God help all us to better business