Al Jeri specializes in the transport and delivery of bulk petroleum products as well as other bulk transports.

Our Transport Services Include:

  • Fuel Transport
  • Asphalt Transport
  • Cement Transport
  • Goods Transport
  • Raw Materials Transport
  • Car & People Transport
  • Water Transport

Additionally, we provide Special Contracts for Enterprise Customers with Large transport requirements. Our Services include the following:

  • Flexible Transport Options (20,000 liters / 32,000 liters)
  • Scheduling Services with Aramco
  • Dispatching services
  • Precisely documented transfer of goods
  • 24-hour transport
  • Domestic and international transport Services

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Our additional services include scheduling with Aramco for companies that do not have Aramco accounts. As per the directions of Aramco, the scheduling is done 3 weeks in advance otherwise the delivery cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us for further inquiries.


Our professional and experienced Mechanical Engineers are hard at work to keep our Fleet in top condition. Al-Jeri Workshops are established in 4 regions (Riyadh, Jeddah, Yanbu and Dammam) of Saudi Arabia to support the heavy Fleet operations of our company.


Our operations are literally in every corner of Saudi Arabia. We provide transport of petroleum products in extreme remote areas of Rub-al-Khali such as Sharurah and Isharat. Our international operations currently exist in Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Muscat (Oman).

Fuel Transport

Fuel products are extremely flammable materials, the transport and storage of which is tightly regulated. Transport is handled by our own fleet of fuel trucks, thereby providing us with complete control over dispatching 24 hours a day without any limitations. Our Fuel transport division transports all kinds of fuel products being produced by ARAMCO. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 91 & 95 Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Fuel Oil 180
  • Fuel Oil 380
  • Fuel Oil 960
  • Jet Fuel (JP8)
  • Kerosene

Our Fleet is fully-modernized with capacities of 20,000 liters and 32,000 liters tankers available. We operate continuously in 24 hours a day, even through public holidays, in order to support our customers anytime of the year.

Asphalt Transport

Al-Jeri has a large fleet for transporting hazardous and petroleum products such as asphalt and crude oil. The temperatures for these products are maintained during transport in order to keep them viscous, otherwise immediate hardening can occur. The various types of heated petroleum products transported by our company are:

  • MC1
  • RC2
  • Asphalt 60/70
  • Vacuum
  • Crude Oil

Asphalt products are used for many purposes by factories and construction companies to provide insulation in houses by coating the outer surface of cement blocks. Road construction companies also utilize these products for paving roads.

Cement Transport

Our fleet of Bulker transport has recently expanded to almost 150 trucks nationally within the kingdom. We have been awarded contracts from many companies to transport cement for major construction projects through the country. Our Bulker transport operations consist of:

  • Powder Cement
  • Resistive Cement
  • Caustic Soda (Soda Ash)
  • Silica Powder
  • Sulfur

All above items are used in many factories as raw materials for their products. Block manufacturers for example utilize resistive cement for making construction blocks. Our fleet is currently having many projects in different parts of the kingdom for Bulker transports.

Goods Transport

Flatbed transport is one of the most common transports available for transporting things such as Stone blocks, Heavy Machinery, transfer of commodities for factories, Steel re-bar transport, raw materials transport, containers, etc.

Raw Materials Transport

Our Fleet of Dump Trucks provide transport for all sorts of sand, gravel, small stones, crusher plant products and any type of such material.

Modern Fleet

These new trucks can carry load of 42 ton cubic meter at a time which will ultimately reduce the time to transport our product when compared to old trucks which can carry about 30 ton cubic meter at a time.

Cars & People Transport

The company owns a large fleet of trucks for taking care of all car transport requirements. Our service to some of the largest car agencies in Saudi Arabia is a testimony to our increasing capabilities in this area.

As our company is one of the ranks of the big companies in this field with our ability to provide additional services as desired by our customers.

For people transport, we operate a large fleet of buses suitable

Water Transport

Water is the basis of life for all creatures and can not be dispensed with, whatever happens, this sense worked (running) on the provision of trucks equipped with the latest means of environmental, security and safety to contribute effectively in this important sector.

Fleet Info

Al-Jeri has a large fleet of Water tankers with Capacity of 25,000 and 30,000 liters.